Author Mark Davis, photography by Ged Barrow

A significant book providing a gentle introduction to one of the major spiritual traditions of Western Catholicism. Organised into fourteen evocative themes, the author invites readers to consider the universal significance of Carmelite Spirituality. Combining beautiful original photographs with carefully chosen short quotations from the writings of the Carmelite Saints, it provides what it promises - 'Glimpses of the Carmelite Way'.

"A remarkable book to be enjoyed at leisure and pondered prayerfully. True to its title, it offers 'glimpses of the Carmelite way' as seen through the eyes of someone profoundly captivated by his discovery of Carmel's deep spirituality - something he is eager to share with others. "
James McCaffrey OCD

"Glimpses of the Carmelite Way' is not so much to be read as to be prayed. Words and images gently lead us into one of the greatest traditions of Christian spiritual wisdom - an excellent companion for both sunny and wintry days."
Brian M. Noble, RC Bishop of Shrewsbury

Format   Hardback

208mm x 208mm 73 pages.

Price     £11.95 / €15

ISBN     0-9554578-0-7

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